Polar Express Worksheets

The Polar Express Book and the Movie

My students love everything about The Polar Express. We usually read the book several times during the holiday season and usually have a special day with treats when we watch the movie. And consequently, incorporating math and literacy has never been easier than with the Polar Express Worksheets.


No Prep Worksheets

The Polar Express Worksheets have over 50 worksheets covering multiple math and literacy skills. There is zero prep on your part and grading has never been easier. Therefore, these worksheets are fun for you too. The worksheets have just the right amount of challenge and fun for your students.

1st and 2nd Grade

If you are teaching 1st or 2nd grade the Polar Express Worksheets are perfect for your classroom. They offer some higher end skills for your 1st graders and plenty of review for your 2nd graders. You can use these for morning work, stations or independent practice. They meet so many needs. 


Literacy Worksheets

There are so many literacy skills in the Polar Express Worksheets. Your students will practice 2-syllable words and subject and predicate. They will also learn how to take notes. Writing skills are also covered with some how-to worksheets. They will practice spelling by seeing how many words they can make from POLAR EXPRESS. The one thing all the sheets have in common is fun!


Math Worksheets

Your students will also have plenty of practice with their math skills in the Polar Express Worksheets. They will review their shapes, graph ticket sales and solve word problems. They will also follow patterns and work on basic addition and subtraction. They will enjoy the worksheets so much that they will forget they are actually learning.


The Polar Express

Jump aboard and take a trip to the North Pole on the Polar Express. Your students will be thanking you from the very first sheet.

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