Christmas Worksheets

Ho, Ho, Ho…

Can you believe that it is already time to start thinking about Christmas? Don’t worry, I’m not trying to forget the big turkey, but December will be here before we can find the twinkle in Santa’s eyes. Preparing for your classroom is as simple as printing off the Christmas worksheets. 


78 Pages

The Christmas worksheets include 78 pages of every skill you need in 2nd grade right now. There is more than enough work to get you through this crazy time of year. The best part is that much of the work can be done independently so that you can focus on filling in the gaps of those students who still need a little extra love.


Math Skills

Your students will get practice in fact families, ordinal numbers and addition and subtraction. Santa will even pull out some dice for them to play some addition games with. Each Christmas worksheet is designed to hold your student’s attention with fun pictures and just the right amount of challenge.


Literacy Skills

The Christmas worksheets help your students practice spelling, ABC order and so much more. They will sort presents by identifying nouns, practice syllables with holiday words and unscramble sentences. Santa even makes an appearance on more than one worksheet.


Surviving Until Break

Winter break will be here before we know it…I promise! You can survive. The Christmas worksheets will make the planning and the grading just a little bit easier on you. And your students will love the fun activities that are included. 

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