President’s Day Packet

President’s Day

President’s Day is a federal holiday celebrated every February. It was originally established to celebrate George Washington’s birthday but was later moved to the third Monday of every February as part of the Uniform Monday Holiday Act. At that point it was changed to celebrate not only Washington, but also all presidents of the past. The President’s Day Packet will help you document this special day with your students.


More than History

The President’s Day Packet is more than just history. There are worksheets that cover math and literacy also. Students will color, complete mazes and find mystery pictures among math practice. There are 32 pages included and each is no-prep for you.



I use the President’s Day Packet for all kinds of things in my classroom. I originally created it for my fast finishers. The number of fast finishers always seems to grow about this time of year as my students get deeper and deeper into their knowledge. However, over the years I have found that this packet makes the best morning work for my students. Because it can take several days to complete they can work at their own pace each morning while I take care of attendance, etc.


The American Flag

One added thing that I usually do with the President’s Day Packet is teach my students about the American Flag. This is a great time to learn the history of the flag. We talk about the stars and stripes and even listen to the National Anthem.


So Much Fun

The President’s Day Packet is full of fun for your students. Everything is turned into some kind of game or activity, with some learning mixed in. In addition to the mazes and mystery pictures, there is an ABC Order sheet, word searches and designing a quilt. They can make a crown and color the American Flag. The fun is endless.


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