Winter Mystery Pictures

It is a Mystery

Winter Mystery Pictures are one of my students favorite activities. These are such fun and so easy to bring out for some extra math practice. There is no-prep for me except making copies and there is no grading except a quick glance at the picture. They are the perfect winter resource.


Math Fun

It is sometimes difficult to find ways for my students to practice 2 digit addition with regrouping. It feels like such a boring task. But not with the Winter Mystery Pictures. The students will solve the math problems first, but then they get to complete a puzzle to create a fun winter scene. Lastly, they can take some time to color their pictures.


Early Finishers

The Winter Mystery Pictures are easy for students to complete with very little instruction. This makes them perfect for my early finishers. They can grab a page out of the folder and sit at their desk quietly and work. This means that my attention can remain on the students who need some extra assistance.


Winter Pictures

Each Winter Mystery Picture is a fun winter scene. There are penguins and love frogs and super cute snowmen. Putting the puzzle pieces together will bring the scene to life. Adding some color is just additional fun for the students. Displaying their finished work is a great way to brighten up your classroom on those dreary winter days.


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