Spring Fun Packet

The birds are chirping, and the sun is finally shining again! Now that spring is here; student energy is at an all-time high. They are ready to get outside and enjoy everything nature has to offer. However, this aspect can make planning difficult since students still have a few more months left of school. So, teachers must become creative in designing lessons and ensuring activities are always ready. This is precisely why the Spring Fun Packet is terrific to have! Not only does it offer spring activities for 2nd grade, but it ensures students know the content. 

spring activities for 2nd grade

Ready To Go Spring Activities for 2nd Grade

Spring is truly an unexpected season. Sometimes, the weather is sunny and beautiful. Other times, it is cold, rainy, and maybe even snowy! Teachers must prepare for muddy mornings, indoor recess, and canceled assemblies. Thankfully, the Spring Fun Packet is ready to go! Teachers can print the pages and pull them out whenever needed. This may be for morning work, a brain break, centers, stations, or early finishers. Honestly, they are perfect for so many occasions! 

Spring Fun Packet 

This packet is just what you need to ensure students always have fun worksheets ready. Best of all, it includes multiple subject areas and fine motor skills to work on many skills at once. 

Math-Based Activities

When selecting spring activities for 2nd grade, covering a wide range of skills is vital. So, there are worksheets on Dot to Dot addition and Color by Number addition and subtraction.  Additionally, there are extra pages to practice facts since this is crucial to master before 3rd grade. Students will even work on symmetry! 

spring math activities

Literary-Based Activities 

Learning to read and write is hard! So, there is lots of practice to help build these skills. This includes a word search, Dot to Dot noun pages, ABC order, and a word scramble. 

spring fun packet

Fine Motor Skills 

Elementary students work on so many fine motor skills. So, when planning spring activities for 2nd grade, teachers make sure to include plenty of practice. Thankfully, there are activities on solving mystery pictures, completing mazes, designing a quilt patch and bookmark, and cracking a spring code. This means students will work on cutting, gluing, coloring, pencil grasping, and tracing. 

fine motor skills for 2nd grade

Additional Spring Activities for 2nd Grade 

Honesty, the Spring Fun Packet will be a fantastic resource to have ready! Since there may be lots of indoor recess or early finishers, there are additional resources to help. For instance, the St. Patrick’s Day Fun Sheets include a packet of activities perfect for the holiday. Like the spring packet, the St. Patrick’s Day Fun Sheets offer math and literary practice. Both have plenty of fine motor skills to ensure students have strong hands and minds!

teacher resources

Spring is like a breath of fresh air! It is so nice to have warmer weather. However, students must always have activities to help them stay focused. Thankfully, the Spring Fun Packet does exactly this! Students will love the wide range of activities and skills within this packet. 

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spring activities for 2nd grade
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