Spring Worksheets for Your Primary Students

I love using spring worksheets in my classroom, and if you’re not already using them, I highly recommend it. There are many thoughts around using worksheets, but the pros far outweigh the cons. Below are my top reasons for using spring worksheets to teach my students and the resource I use to do it.

Top Benefits for Using Spring Worksheets

Worksheets are an engagement tool.

Since the beginning of formal education, worksheets have been used as a way to keep students engaged during class. I can remember my elementary school teacher having worksheets available in a box for us to grab anytime we wanted something extra to do. This same concept stands true in classrooms today. It’s also easy to underestimate how long an assignment will take, in which worksheets can help savor the time.

Using worksheets can help bridge gaps.

The saying goes, “Practice make perfect!” and this is certainly true when it comes to certain concepts and skills. Oftentimes, students just need extra practice with a concept, in which worksheets can help give. I like to use them especially for spiral review. With worksheets, you can quickly offer a reteach lesson on a skill that students struggle with. 

Worksheets can connect new material with previously-taught material.

This is equivalent to bridging gaps but in a much more narrow way. When a student doesn’t fully understand a concept, it becomes harder for them to learn what comes next. For example, if one student is having trouble with regrouping, worksheets can help them get more practice. Incorporating these between concept jumps will help students transition more smoothly.

Using worksheets helps build confidence.

If there’s one thing students need, it’s to be confident with the ability to learn new things. When a student struggles, it often shows up in their overall performance, down to their self-esteem. You may notice a shift in the kind of work they provide, or a decrease in their test scores. These are indicators that they haven’t fully picked up on something and need the confidence boost to work through it.

Worksheets help with transitions.

If you’ve been teaching for any amount of time, then you know transitions are a huge part of making a day run smoothly. Whether you’re looking to create better morning transitions or help students merge into a new assignments, worksheets can help you do just that. They can also be used at different centers in your classroom so students can grab and complete them independently.

Spring Worksheets for Your Primary Students

As I mentioned before, I absolutely love using worksheets in my classroom, especially ones that have a theme. With the Spring season fully in the air, it’s the perfect time for using spring-related worksheets. I created a spring worksheet pack for these very reasons. They are ideal for grades K-2 and are compatible with EASEL activities. With 69 total pages, your students will get extra practice with:

  • flowers
  • graphing
  • vocabulary
  • story maps
  • fact families
  • nouns
  • life cycle
  • writing
  • shapes
  • Venn diagram
  • sorting
  • and more!

Grab Your Spring Worksheets Pack Here!

Spring worksheets for your primary students.

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