Thanksgiving Color by Code Worksheets

Coloring Fun

I don’t know about your students, but my students love to color…even if they have to do math to be able to pick up their crayons. I use this to my full advantage and turn the coloring into a reward with my Thanksgiving Color by Code worksheets. With these worksheets my students must solve different addition and subtraction that will lead them to codes to color Thanksgiving pictures.


With and Without Regrouping

If you are working on addition and subtraction in your classroom right now then the Thanksgiving Color by Code worksheets are the resource you need. These worksheets allow your students to practice both with and without regrouping, something my students need plenty of practice with. There are 12 worksheets with each type of problem for a total of 24 sheets. This means there are plenty of options to keep students busy for independent work, extra practice at home and even some center time work that requires little prep on your part.


Work it Out

I love the types of worksheets that are included in the Thanksgiving Color by Code worksheets. They are so easy to grade because you can glance at the colors on the page. However, I like to make my students work out the problems on a separate piece of paper first. This way if they make a mistake they have not colored incorrectly. 


Answer Keys

Speaking of grading being super easy, I have included an answer key for every worksheet. This means even your glance is more accurate. The Thanksgiving Color by Code worksheets are just right for fun and ease in your classroom…you will be thankful you have them! We all need a helping hand as winter break approaches and students get antsy with anticipation. These worksheets make it easier all around.

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