Polar Express Crafts

Choo Choo! Can you hear the train coming? Do you have your ticket? The Polar Express is almost here and this is one ride that you do not want to miss! Christmas is such a magical season, there is so much joy and fun. Bringing seasonal crafts and learning into your classroom can feel a little overwhelming, but with these ideas you and your students will be creating magical memories in no time.

Polar Express Worksheets


In my classroom we have Polar Express Day. We celebrate in many ways and I even incorporate the theme into our morning work with some Polar Express Worksheets. With multiple math and literacy skills included you can find exactly what you need. {via Teaching Second Grade}

Polar Express Christmas Ornaments


Your students will love seeing their Polar Express Christmas Ornament hanging on the tree. Just a few popsicle sticks, paint and glue (along with a few other supplies you have laying around your classroom) and this adorable train will come to life. {via Mombrite}

Moving Polar Express Train Ride


Create your own Moving Polar Express Train Ride with your students with this craft. This one is the perfect way to use up all those delivery boxes you have coming to your house during this time of year. Your students will be challenged and use their creativity..the perfect combination. {via The Educators’ Spin On It}

Hot Chocolate Playdough


Hot Chocolate and Playdough…your students will be in their own Christmas heaven. This Hot Chocolate Playdough smells like real chocolate and is warm to the touch.You can even make your own marshmallow playdough for added fun. {via Fireflies and Mud Pies}

Polar Express Fun Packet


By this time of year we all need a little downtime. The Polar Express Fun Packet is the perfect addition to some soft Christmas music and twinkle lights. The best part is, there will still be just enough learning added in with skills like ABC Order and Addition and Subtraction. {via Teaching Second Grade}

Tin Foil Bell Ornament


This polar express ornament craft is super easy to make and doesn’t require glue or paint, so no cleanup required! And even better, you only need cheap aluminum foil and some tiny bells. Your students will hear the spirit of Christmas with the Polar Express Tin Foil Bell Ornament. It is the perfect craft to make right after reading the book. {via Little Bins for Little Hands}

Believe Christmas Card


Your students will love creative the Believe Christmas Card. They will also love choosing a loved one to share the card with to spread some Christmas cheer. It is a great way to talk about spreading kindness to others in small ways. {via Rainy Day Mum}

Jingle Bell Abascus


How cute are these Jingle Bell Abacus? This activity will keep little fingers busy for plenty of time for you to catch your breath. Your students will love creating this jingly Christmas tree that they can then display around the room. {via Powerful Mothering}

Polar Express Grid Puzzles


Do you need an easy, print and go activity to keep your students busy and working before Christmas break? These Polar Express grid puzzles are a fun and unique way for students to practice various skills. {via Teaching Second Grade}

Polar Express Discovery Bottle


Have you made a discovery bottle with your students yet? Discovery bottles are great to use for quiet time, allowing children to explore and discover in a contained way. And the Polar Express Discovery Bottle will allow your students to find some of their favorite parts of the book inside. I love to add these to my calming corner for those students who sometimes just need a minute. {via Sunny Day Family}

Hot Chocolate Popsicle Stick Craft


There is nothing better than a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows on a winter day. Now your students can make an everlasting cup of their own! The Hot Chocolate Popsicle Stick Craft is one that you will use year after year in your classroom. It is easy to make and absolutely adorable! Your students can even choose their own cup color to make it more customized. {via Simple Mom Project}

Jingle Bell Drop


The Jingle Bell Drop is a great holiday activity to work on color sorting and fine motor practice. Little fingers will pick up the tiny bells and sort them into jars based on their color. The obvious are red and green bells, but you can also find silver and gold for even more practice. {via Stay at Home Educator}

Boom Cards


Boom cards are always a favorite in my classroom. The Polar Express Mystery Pictures Boom Cards are a great addition this time of year. Students will solve the problems to reveal a mystery holiday picture. They will receive instant feedback and can complete this activity independently. {via Teaching Second Grade}

Magnet Science Activity


Finding science activities that are holiday themed is never easy. That is why I love the Jingle Bell Magnet Science Activity. Simply glue the magnet to a popsicle stick and let students see how many they can “catch” at a time. {via Fun-a-Day}

Snow Slime


Snow slime is a great sensory activity for your young students. This stuff smells fantastic (thanks to some essential oils), feels rubbery and soft instead of sticky and feels wet even though it is dry. And the glitter adds a little sparkle that little ones can’t resist. Snow slime is easy to make and does not make the same mess that other slimes make. You will love this one. {via Childhood 101}

Paper Hot Chocolate


This Paper Hot Chocolate Craft is customizable depending on your student’s choice. There are three different templates for mugs and they can choose what they add to their cup…marshmallows, a straw and a chocolate bar. There is no mess with this deliciousness. {via Non-Toy Gifts}

Christmas Math


Just like science, math is sometimes difficult to incorporate into the holiday season other than worksheets. But your students will love the Christmas Math Game with Jingle Bells. Your students will roll dice and then add the appropriate amount of jingle bells to their styrofoam tree. Whoever decorates their tree first wins the game. {via Fun-a-Day}

Jingle Bell Towers


This activity will really pull out your students’ creativity and their engineering skills. Your students will use jingle bells and playdough to structure Jingle Bell Towers. This low-prep option has easy clean up and easy prep, but high results. {via Steamsational}

Jingle Bell Races


If you are looking for some simple fun for your students, something we all need, then you need to check out the Jingle Bell Races. These easy to do games will bring laughter to every corner of your room. And many of them involve things you already have lying around your classroom during the holidays. {via Happiness is Homemade}

Hot Chocolate Slime


Hot Chocolate Slime is full of ooey, gooey goodness! My students are obsessed with any type of slime, so this is a perfect holiday craft. It smells like Christmas, gives them sensory satisfaction and even brings in some math with measurement. It is the perfect combination. {via Natural Beach Living}

Your Christmas season in the classroom will be full of fun, laughter and learning with any of these crafts. There are plenty of options to keep your students busy and several easy prep options to make your life a little easier. Happy Crafting!

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