Thanksgiving Math and Literacy Activities



November is so close..I know it sounds crazy since we haven’t made it through Halloween yet, but it is true. That means it is time to start thinking about how you will work the season and holiday into your classroom activities. And even more, thinking about how you will make those activities a learning experience for your students so you stay on track. This is when I use my Thanksgiving math and literacy activities. 


Nouns, Verbs and So Much More

There are plenty of sheets in the Thanksgiving math and literacy activities set to make planning easy for you. You can use them for introduction or practice of nouns and verbs, author’s purpose, and syllables. There is even spelling practice. Everything you need for literacy time is included.


Writing Time

I am always looking for more ways to get my students writing. The Thanksgiving math and literacy activities have several writing activities included. Students will spend some time listing things they are thankful for. This requires some thought and then creative responses. There is also a directions writing assignment. I know that my students always need practice writing out directions and following them. Then they can practice writing descriptive sentences about a picture. 


Math is Covered Too

Math time is also taken care of with Thanksgiving math and literacy activities. The sheets include addition facts, ordering numbers from smallest to largest and fact families. There are even more skills included, plenty of work already created for all the days. These are great for centers, extra practice and so much more. Fun learning for your students is a sure thing.


Stuffed Full of Fun

The Thanksgiving math and literacy activities are stuffed full of fun. There are more than 30 activities for you to use in your classroom. These are easy to use, just make a copy. They are easy to grade. Each answer is simple and will only require a glance from you. Basically your month of November for math and literacy time is planned for you. It does not get any better than that.  

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