Winter Worksheets for 2nd Grade

Teachers are always looking for fun and creative ways to teach students content. However, this often leads to much prep and time spent explaining directions. While nothing is wrong with this, there is also nothing wrong with simplifying some lessons and activities. For instance, math worksheets for 2nd grade are a familiar activity that allows students to focus on the material versus instructions. Combining new activities and ones students know how to complete creates a great blend in the classroom. Luckily, the Winter Math and Literacy Worksheets are a fantastic way to review essential concepts. Best of all, these winter worksheets for second grade are ready to go! 

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Winter Math and Literacy Worksheets

Students will love showing what they know with these winter worksheets for second grade! In total, there are 64 pages of math and language arts worksheets filled with fun winter themes. 

Specifically, there are 41 pages of winter math worksheets. This covers so many topics, such as probability, odd and even numbers, time, fractions, fact families, and tally marks. Additionally, students will work on addition, subtraction, expanded form,  and graphing. Students will show so much growth during the winter with all of this practice! 

Winter Worksheets for Second Grade

There are also 23 winter language arts worksheets. This includes a review of nouns, verbs, adjectives, compound words, spelling, syllables, vowel practice, and sentence correction. Additionally, students will even work on synonyms, ABC order, and fixing scrambled sentences. There are so many fun winter literacy activities! 

One of the best parts of the winter worksheets for 2nd grade involves the implementation options. For instance, the worksheets are perfect for morning work, seat work, and to add to math and literacy centers. Of course, they are also perfect for small group instruction, homework, or early finishers. Students will stay engaged all winter long with these amazing no-prep printables! 

Winter Worksheets for Second Grade

For more great ideas on bringing winter whimsy into the classroom, check out Winter Worksheets! 

Year-Long Math and ELA Packets 

Students will love the winter worksheets for 2nd grade! They will love knowing how to complete the work and showing what they know. Luckily, there is a year-long bundle ready! Since teachers are always buying items for their classrooms, it even comes at a huge discount. 

The bundle includes a full year of math and literacy worksheets with seasonal themes, such as fall, Valentine’s Day, and spring. These no-prep printables will greatly help teachers get through some of the busiest times of the year! 

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Since students will enjoy these worksheets so much, they can also complete an exciting Winter Fun Packet! 

Honestly, students will love these winter worksheets for 2nd grade! They are the perfect way to add fun review activities with easy-to-complete instructions. Best of all, the Winter Math and Literacy Worksheets allow students to show their amazing math and literacy skills! 

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