Earth Day Activities for Kids

Did you know that Earth Day is right around the corner? I bet you are excited to dig into the various projects coming up. Before we head into those projects, let’s get started on some really fun Earth Day Activities. These activities will work great for learning all about Earth Day. Whether you’re a teacher or a mama that wants to teach her kids about all the fun this day can provide, these activities are perfect for all of that!

Getting to know the earth and taking care of it better is important. These Earth Day Activities are a good reminder of how good we should treat the earth! #teachingsecondgrade #earthday #activitiesforkids #kidscrafts #kidsactivities | Activities for Kids | Earth Day Ideas for Kids | Earth Day Activities for Kids | Earth Day | Easy Kids Crafts

Earth Day is a day of celebrating and remembering our earth. It’s celebrated every day on the 22nd of April. This day of celebration has been around since 1970, so this marks 70 years since it all begin. It’s the perfect opportunity to teach our kids about the earth and all that it has to offer. The really cool thing about this day of celebrating the earth is that there are 193 other countries that also celebrate this holiday. 

Earth Day Activities for Kids

To make celebrating this day more fun, I’ve put together this roundup of activities. You can spend a few weeks doing various activities related to Earth Day! The really cool thing is that your kids are going to learn so much as they do these activities.

Getting to know the earth and taking care of it better is important. These activities are a really good reminder of how good we should treat the earth! 

Why Do We Celebrate Earth Day?

Because it’s important to promote environmental awareness! Taking care of the earth is important and this day helps to promote that.

Pollution has become an increasing problem over the years, and while we may not see its effects, our kids will. When your kids are still young, it can be difficult for them to grasp the effects of pollution or how that impacts the environment. This is why it’s so important to teach them these concepts now! These work as great classroom activities or just something fun to do on Earth Day this year. Use Earth Day to incorporate these activities into your child’s Earth Day celebration and teach them about the importance of taking care of the Earth now so it will still be there tomorrow.


Ocean Pollution Activity

Milk and Vinegar Plastic

Carbon Footprint Activity

Seed Sprouting Science Experiment

Ocean Pollution Clean Up Activity

Protecting the Ocean Recycling Activity

Teaching Preschoolers Recycling

Regrow Fresh Produce

Oil Spill Experiment

How to Make Paper

Mystery Bag STEM

Wheat Grass Life Cycle

Water Pollution Activity

Plastic Gelatin Science Experiment

Shrinking Plastic Science Experiment

Windmill STEM Activity

Sea Pollution Science Experiment

DIY Seed Bombs

Water Filtration Experiment

Plastic Bag Jellyfish


Do you have more fund ideas that we can add to this Earth Day Activities list?

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