Weaving Easter Basket Craft

This Easter Basket Craft is just what we need right now! A little bit of fun for the kids to let their minds be creative.

This cute Easter Basket Craft art project can be done in class or at home. Simple printable templates and easy to follow directions make this a huge hit. #teachingsecondgrade #easter #kidsactivities #kidscrafts #easterbasket | Easter Crafts for Kids | Easter Basket Crafts | Easter Crafts | Simple kids crafts | Simple Kids Activities

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This cute art project can be done in class or at home. Simple printable templates and easy to follow directions make this a huge hit for kids.

Why do we have an Easter Bunny?

The story of the Easter Bunny has been around since the 19th Century. Rabbits generally have lots of babies in their litters. This became a great symbol of a new life.

What is the legend of the Easter Bunny?

For the most part, the Easter Bunny is known to decorate eggs and hid them for kids to find.

Why do we hunt eggs for Easter?

The egg, symbolizing new birth by pre Christians in celebrations of Spring. The egg itself was symbolized by early Christians as a symbol of the Resurrections of Christ. The Egg shape was thought to be the tomb that Christ arose from.

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Weaving Easter Basket Craft



Construction paper: Yellow, pink, purple and brown


Glue stick

Pink marker

Paper cutter (optional)


How to make the Easter Basket Weave Craft

First, print out the template and cut out all the pieces.

Next, trace and cut the rectangle template and long “U” shape from the brown paper.

Stack the brown paper and the template on top of each other and fold them in half.

Using the template lines as a guide, cut through the fold, going through all 4 layers.

Now cut 6 strips from the colored construction paper, two from each color (about 3/4th inch wide). A paper cutter comes in handy for this step but is not required.

Weave the strips through the slits in the brown paper, going the opposite way with each strip to create a weave pattern.

Once the whole basket is weaved, cut and glue the edges down.

Let’s work on the bunny next. Take the two medium oval-shaped templates, trace and cut them from the pink paper.

Glue the pink ovals to the white ovals to create the bunny’s ears.

Now glue the ears to the back of the bunny’s head.

Color in the bunny’s nose.

Next glue the long ‘U’ shape to the back of the basket.

Glue the bunny’s chin to the top of the basket and the ears to the handle.

Finally, glue the little oval paws on the basket, one on each side of the bunny’s head.

The Weave basket is complete!


What other easter basket craft do you have planned for this year?


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