4 Methods for Teaching Math in the Classroom

Teaching math in the classroom can be quite a challenge in today’s multi-ability classroom. It’s not uncommon to have a mixture of learning styles, as well as a wide range of educational abilities. Some students require extra assistance with picking up on new concepts while others may need an extra challenge. To help make teaching easier and more effective, I’d like to share several methods for teaching math in a ways that helps every student succeed.

4 Easy Methods for Teaching Math in the Classroom

Method #1: Use videos for teaching math.

I personally use videos when teaching new skills to my students. They love getting to watch new ones, and I like the fact that it keeps them engaged. I created a hub of video posts because I understand the time strain on trying to find videos, vet them out, them write them into the lesson plans. I do suggest scheduling a little time to do this so you can build a good playlist around the concepts of your choice, but I’ve also saved you some time by putting together a few roundups for the following concepts:

Method #2: Incorporate crafts and activities.

If there’s one thing students love, it’s using their hands to make things. Crafts and activities put an educational spin on learning and most of the time students don’t even realize it. I have found crafts and activities to be good ways to help reiterate a concept that students may have had a difficult time picking up, such as telling time. Learning the value of money and coin recognition is another one that my students picked up on quicker because of having a hands-on counting activity.

Method #3: Try Boom Learning.

Boom learning is becoming an increasingly popular method for teaching because it’s a learning system that has kept up with technological advancements. Students can spend time practicing with Boom Learning while using Boom cards to further their education and gain new skills. In addition, you’ll be able to create an interactive and exciting experience for the students you teach. There are so many benefits to using Boom Learning in your classroom:

  • The learning experience is completely virtual.
  • Completed work is automatically graded.
  • Students can learn at their own pace (and at home).
  • They can be for teaching math and beyond!

Method #4: Take advantage of using morning work.

I don’t know about you but I love having time for morning work in my classroom. I’m able to have my students on a routine so they know exactly what to expect when they arrive in the morning. This also gives them a chance to continue to work on or practice what we have been learning in class – cue in the most current math concept! Through a series of fun and engaging worksheets, students can get practice on their own pace and without feeling pressured.

Final Thoughts

Teaching math in your classroom can be fun, exciting and without the feelings of being stressed or overwhelmed. Use the tips (and resources) mentioned above to plan lessons you and your students will love. In the meantime, I’d like to hear from you! What is your favorite method for teaching math? Let me know in the comments below!

A piece of graphing paper with magnetic numbers to help teach math.

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