Counting Money Teaching Videos

I’m back again to bring you some great teaching videos you can use in your classroom. These posts have been so helpful for so many, and I’m all about saving teachers time! I created these posts so you don’t have to go searching all over for a video to show at the beginning of your lesson, or if you in a pinch and you need something quick, these teaching video blog posts can be a great resource for you! This blog post has videos to help you teach counting money!

Counting Money Videos

Now, this video below is a little different than the videos I have shared in the past. This video is a great guided math lesson that you can incorporate into your classroom/centers. I love the way the teacher explains counting money and how to engage students in the activity.

Here is a money song to review coin values in a fun and engaging song that’s sure to get your students up and moving!

Another fun video with a song to show students how to count coins starting with the highest value coin.

This video gives a little history on the U.S. coins. This could be a great cross-curricular video with a social studies lesson! You should start the video at 2:16!

Over at BrainPOP Jr., there is a whole money unit with different videos to use when teaching money! You can see the videos below, but just head over here to see the videos (as long as you have a subscription)

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