Using Videos to Teach Arrays

Welcome back to another teaching video round up! My goal with these teaching video blog posts was to save time for teachers. Whether you need a quick refresher on a topic, want to show a video to begin your lesson, or need a video for a substitute to show during the lesson, these videos are your go to! This blog is all about teaching arrays!

Videos that Teach Arrays

In this video, Annie and Moby look at real life examples of arrays. They show students how arrays can be repeated addition or multiplication sentences. These videos are great because Annie always asks questions in the videos which is a great time to pause and talk or have your students give you an answer.

teaching arrays brainpop jr

This video is great because it shows how arrays are all around us in real life. After watching this video, you can have students bring in an example of an array from their home. Once they see how many examples there are from this video, they will be surprised how often they see arrays in their own life.

I really like the way this teacher guides her students through this lesson on arrays. You could show this to your class or use it to help structure your own mini lesson with your students.

Here is another guided lesson on arrays that can be shown to a whole group or would be great for students to watch during centers.

This would be a great video to have students watch during independent centers! It shows students how arrays are related addition sentences and how to solve them!



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